Monday, January 20, 2014

Classtivity Passport Class 4: Body Space Fitness' Training for Warriors

Last Thursday I headed back to the Union Square area for Body Space Fitness' Training for Warriors. I signed up via Classtivity and this class appealed to me the most and the time was right. When I arrived I accidentally went to the wrong floor- Classtivity I recommend putting the floor in the calendar memo. The girl at the desk had me fill out a waiver then pointed me in the direction of the locker room.

If Body Space Fitness had morning classes I would definitely go. They had lockers with the digital number combinations, showers, bathrooms, hair dryers, etc. I put my stuff in a locker then headed back out to wait for class to start. I started talking with one of the girls waiting for kickboxing and she expressed that she loved Body Space Fitness.

The studio itself is a little small- it's more for personal training than classes. Each class was VERY small although mine had 9 people in it. The coach (that's what they call their instructors) came over and rounded up the Training for Warriors class. He went over that we would be doing 3 rounds of the following:

  • 20 second sprints and 2 strength exercises. Repeated 3 times per 1 round.

For strength we did a mix of lifting weights, mountain climbers, planks and push-ups. On the treadmill we had the incline on a minimum of 8 and the speed on a minimum of 7.

The first set I felt like a rock star and flowed right through it. Although I am pretty slow when I'm using weights. As the class went on, I was getting a little worn out!

At the end after our 3rd round, we did 3 full rounds of strength, each station was 30 seconds each. I started at these long, heavy ropes and alternated between moving them up and down together, moving one up and one down and making circles. Then were jump squats and last was abs.

Here's what I didn't like:

  • There was too much waiting in between cardio and strength sets
  • Not enough pump me up music
  • There was not too much cardio

Overall, I would recommend this class. In fact, I'm taking it again since they offered a free class after your first. It is definitely a full body workout and perfect for after work. 

Have you ever taken at class at Body Space Fitness? Which one?


Ps. I forgot to take pictures again

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