Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Classtivity Passport Class 5: SyncYoga

Halfway there! On Saturday I completed my fifth Classtvity class in Brooklyn at SyncStudio. While it was quite the nightmare to get to from Queens, I think it was worth it. For starters, it was a 75 minute class and definitely did not feel that long.

Once I got to the studio I signed in at the desk. Like Yoga Vida, you drop your coat and shoes into the lobby before heading to the yoga room or spin studio. THESE ROOMS ARE TOO SMALL! Boutique classes are a major trend right now and these small hallways cannot accommodate the amount of clients coming in and out. 

I brought my own yoga mat to this one just in case that little detail of needing to rent one got left out. At Sync they provide mats for you but I chose to use my own. The studio was decent sized, probably a little small but everyone fit pretty comfortably. Before class started were were asked to grab blocks, a bolster and a strap. 

We started off with some deep stretching then began our practice. I really liked how the instructor flowed the class together. We did several hip openers which were amazing! I got a few adjustments to my down dogs, which is to be expected. The instructor had us use a block between our legs for a few sun salutations so we felt how our legs were supposed to feel.

The description Classtivity put in my calendar said:

"Heavy focus will be placed on building strength, movement to breath, flexibility and alignment. This class is open to all levels, but it is recommended that you have practiced Yoga or taken a Basics class prior to joining this class. If you are new to Yoga we strongly encourage you to begin with SYNCYOGA Basics."

Overall this was a basic yet slightly challenging class. I would like to take the next level up to see what else the studio has to offer. There was definitely a big focus on breathe, movement and alignment. I recommend taking this class if you are new or a veteran. It was just a genuinely good class. 

Have you taken any SyncStudio classes?


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