Monday, March 24, 2014

Classtivity Passport Classes 8 & 9

Yes, this is LONG overdue but I said I would post about every class and I'm staying true to that. However, this post is going to short and to the point because I have funner things to tell you about this week :)

My 8th Classtivity Passport class was at Broadway Bodies. It was titled GLEEful but it ended up being all boy bands. I could not complain about that. This is what Classtivity added to my calendar:

"If you are suffering from Couch Potato Syndrome and need a GLEEful attitude adjustment - Get Up and Out and join Broadway Bodies for our Glee TV show inspired dance workout. Find your inner Lea Michelle or Mathew Morrison and dance it out!"

The Broadway Bodies class wasn't so much a workout but something fun to do. If I was ever having a bad day and needed something to do this would be a good solution. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it for those who just want to dance with their friends. The choreographer was really nice and went over each move a few times then we put the whole dance together. 

The last class I took was Revolution in Motion. I think this was one of my favorites. I had to reschedule after being late due to Superbowl BLVD but I am so happy I chose to do the Slip n Slide class. Here's how Revolution In Motion's website described the class: 

"Oversized slide boards, booties and lots of action give you a full body, high intensity, low-impact workout. Great athleticism, flexibility, balance and coordination, and injury prevention are some of the benefits. A favorite of RevInMo trainers and fans."

This class was so awesome! It was entirely on the Plexiglas boards and worked every muscle in my body. We did legs, abs and arms. There were only 3 people so we essentially got one-on-one instruction. There was some partner work that focused on agility. I definitely fell once or twice but overall I highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone. No matter what your fitness level is you will find it fun and get a great workout. 

Have you been to either studios? What did you think?


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