Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New 2014 Snack Roundup

If you didn't already know this, I love to eat. I'm constantly snacking at work so when these 2 snack brands reached out to me for a review, how could I resist? Here are 2 of my new favorite snacks for 2014. 

Seapoint Farms sent me their Lightly Salted, Salted and Berry Blend Dry Edamame snacks. Having never had Edamame dry before I wasn't sure what to expect but they were phenomenal! I little messy (the beans kept peeling) but the taste was perfect. The salted ones had a bit of flavor but weren't over powered, something that is very important. The Berry Blend was great- reminded of trail mix. Even though I'm not big on berries I really enjoyed that one. 

Seapoint also has an additional selection of dry edamame including Spicy Wasabi, Goji Blend and Sunshine Blend. Each bag is crunchy and sweet, low in calories, gluten-free, low cholesterol and non-GMO. I highly recommend giving these a try if you are into crunchy snacks like I am. 

When I was a camp counselor we used to give the kids freeze dried fruit as a treat every once in a while. Crispy Green sent me a variety of their dried fruit selection and I fell in LOVE with the apple one. They were crunchy (which I loved) and flavorful. There are 6 Crispy Green flavors that come in single-serving packages: Crispy Apple, Crispy Asian Pear, Crispy Banana, Crispy Cantaloupe, Crispy Mango, Crispy Tangerine and Crispy Pineapple.

Both snacks are great for work, travel, the beach, hiking, etc. You name it- bring them. Seapoint Farms dry edamame and Crispy Green's dried fruit are healthy, flavorful and the perfect addition to your pantry. 

What are your favorite snacks for 2014?


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