Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birthday Girl!

The last year was a whirlwind of many different things. Aside from having an additional 438574975 mid life crises, here are 25 other things that have happened this year and that I learned (also- this number is getting too high to this is the last year I'm going it. Last year was hard with only 24!):

1. I finally moved out of my house.

2. I've also started dating again (now that have have hours on hours of free time!)

3. I've gained hours on hours on hours of free time. 

4. Dogs are still not my thing. 

5. I bought my own bed. And a dresser.

6. Goal for my 30th birthday? BQ or Bust

7. I ran 3 half marathons.

8. I ran 2 and a half times around Central Park for one of them and I will never do that again. 

9. My parents talk to each other again and I don't like it one bit. 

10. My new hood has amazing places to run that I have been taking full advantage of. 

11. Montauk did not treat me too good last summer but hopefully this year will be better. 

12. I made several new amazing friends in my new hood. 

13. I learned how to relax, slightly. In the form of laying in bed for an extra hour or two. 

14. The beach will still always make things better. 

15. My newest half marathon PR was unexpected but very welcome.

16. PR and writing is definitely what I want to do with my life.

17. Healthy chicken parm is super easy to make and I've learned some new variations. 

18. For the first time ever, I spent the holidays away from my family. I won't do that again. 

19. Guys will always look at me like a piece of meat. If someone could tell me why, that would be awesome because I am so much more than that (or so I think). 

20. Networking is my new things. I will always love meeting new people, especially those who can help further my career.

21. I recorded my first podcast. It was terrible and is going live in June. 

22. I'm sick of hearing people say they don't have time for things.
23. I can't believe all of the amazing things that happened this year. 10 years ago I never would have imagined any of this. 

24. When in doubt, go for a run. It's good for the body and better for the mind. 

25. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me (I wrote the same thing last year I know). But it's true. I love my job, my friends, running, my family and am so excited to see what gets thrown at me this year. 


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