Monday, May 19, 2014

Class Review: Peloton NYC

One of my favorite cross training activities is going to spin classes. When the PR team at Peloton invited me to try out a class at their new flagship studio in Chelsea, I just couldn't resist. The studio is located just off of the 1 trains' 23rd St. stop. 

When you first walk into the studio there is a large retail area that sells everything from Splits59 to Nike. There's a wide selection of tanks, sports bras, capris, hair tyes, etc. I checked in with the very friendly girls at the front desk and they gave me shoes, water and a tour of the studio. Before you head into the locker room or spin area, there is a large open space to hang out in that offers complimentary Jack's Coffee and snacks. 

After peeking around there for a bit, I headed into the beautiful locker room. There were beauty products and towels that you could use at your convenience. 

I put my stuff into one of the lockers, put my shoes on and headed back into the waiting area. I would like to note the shoes had an extra strap (like what you use to hold your snowboard boots onto your snowboard) that kept my feet in nice and tight. I really liked that. 

Throughout the studio, they had sample bikes that you purchase for your home. Peloton is the only at-home fitness solution for live and on-demand indoor cycling classes. The screens were a bit bigger than what are on the in-studio bikes so you are able to view the instructor. 

The one thing I fell in love with once I got inside the spin area was how spacious it was. There were a significant number of bikes but I didn't feel like I was going to be on top of anyone. I used a guest log-in on the screen because I didn't have a username yet. The screen shows you how to measure up to everyone in class as well as your resistance, cadence and output (power). 

When I took this class, the studio had opened only a few days beforehand so there were a few music and screen glitches. The class itself went by pretty quickly. My instructor mixed things up with sprints and a lot of hill climbs, many of them sitting down rather than standing up which is something that challenged by body. Overall, it was a good class. I look forward to seeing what the other instructors have up their sleeves. 

I would have liked to see more variety in the class, louder music and different mixes and more motivation/inspiration. She did a great job of encouraging us to keep going but there was a lack of inspirational encouragement. 

With that said, Peloton NYC definitely has some serious potential. I see this studio taking off in the near future and I can't wait to go back. 

Classes are $30 for a single ride and includes shoes and water. In-studio and home packages are available as well. Bikes for your home are $1,995. Also, Peloton has taken over the Tiffany's on Main St. in East Hampton with a retail shop so if you spend the summer out east and don't want to miss a class, consider making a purchase!

Peloton NYC is located at  140 West 23rd Street. Hope to see you there!


*Disclaimer: I was contacted by the Peloton NYC PR team to review a class at no charge. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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