Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gym Bag Must-Haves

For the holidays this year I asked for a simple gym bag. Why? I've been playing sports since I was 2 and this is the first time since then I was able to pick something that I actually wanted that wasn't branded with the team or organization I was with. My aunt surprised me with the exact bag I wanted but what the heck was I supposed to put in it?

Here are 4 essentials that every girl should have on hand for a workout:

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes

Originating in the UK, Botanics is now available in the US with a few fabulous products for your gym bag. One that stood out to me was the face wipes. They are perfect post-workout if you aren't going right home. Wipe away sweat and the "dirty" feeling before you head out with friends to brunch or wherever your day ends up taking you. They quickly and effectively cleanse away excess oil, daily impurities, and makeup (including waterproof formulations!). ($6.99)


Once your body finally returns to normal tempurature after your workout you might be cold (or maybe that's just me). In any case, make sure you have some sort of sweatshirt with you. One of my favorite is from Gap fit. It's long, goes great with leggings, has a hood and most importantly keeps me warm. (Similar to mine)


Recently I've been running a lot without my Garmin or music. But sometimes I just crave some tunes and that's when I wish I remembered by headphones. This happens a lot during run club. SOL REPUBLIC launched a new set called Relays. They come with different sized flexfit things so you can customize them to fit and STAY in your ears. The headphones are water and sweat resistant,  have a clip-on cable that ensures the cable won’t ever get caught and you can adjust the volume on the cable. Every once in a while mine pop out of my ears but other than that I love them and are my go-to headphones when running.  ($79.99)

Under Armour Headbands

How annoying is it when your bangs are flying around during spin or when you have brunch plans after your workout and your hair is sticking up everywhere? Under Armour headphones heard your SOS. They come in so many cool colors, are thin and stylish, and have elastic so they don't move. 

What are your gym bag must-haves?


*Disclaimer: Botanics, Sol Republic and Sports Authority (headbands that have been previously reviewed) provided me with product free of charge for review. All thoughts are my own. 


  1. Hey there! Fellow SPA sister here to say that I love your blog, and that I totally dig this post on gym bag essentials. I am in the process of a. trying to find a decent gym bag that fits my needs and b. finding what to fill it with! Earbuds are also a problem for me, haha.

    1. Hey sister! I love this bag and the headphones are really awesome. They are the only ones I've been using!