Monday, June 2, 2014

Hot Summer Days

In my opinion, it’s that time of year for 5 AM wake up calls on Saturdays to get those runs in before the heat takes over. As I write this in Central Park watching runners and bicyclists whiz by I can’t help but wonder how? I’m in a sundress, getting sunburn on top of sunburn (sunscreen appears to be in my Queens apartment, oops!), writing my little heart out and I feel worn out and dehydrated. That could also be because I didn’t sleep last night, who knows.

Anyway, as someone who has some newbie runner friends I wanted to share a few tips as we begin summer training (I’ve picked 0 fall races yet so I supposed training is not the correct work) so everyone stays happy and healthy.

  • Drink up! When I first started running I thought nothing of bringing a hand held water bottle with me and did not understand dehydration. Now, that comes with me for every run over 6 miles and to half marathon races. I’ve watched one too many people go down because they did not have enough fluids in them. Just drink. Before, after and during. You’ll thank me for that reminder.
[7 PM and broiling]
  • Dress for the occasion. Yes the weather says it will be chilly at 6 AM but you’re going to be running. Don’t overdress. Stick with shorts and a T or capris with a tank if you feel like you are going to be cold. Chances are within the first mile you are going to feel the heat! If it says 60, assume you should be in shorts and a tank. If you do end up running during the day, dress very lightly, wear some sunnies and for god’s sake buy a thing of sports sunscreen. I still look like a lobster after 1 hour of bootcamp from Memorial Day weekend. Just do it please.
  • Refuel! I don’t know about you, but summer running seems to take a lot more out of me then in the winter. Make sure to fuel up within an hour of finishing your workout. I’m not going to give you expert food choices because mine include water, mimosas and brunch. Replenish what you took out of yourself so you can enjoy the day without feeling like you are going to pass out!
[She never ran a race before this yet celebrated like she won the marathon. As it should always be]
  • Be proud of yourself. Maybe it got too hot for you to finish all 10 miles, or you had 3 on the schedule and your friends are bragging about 5 in brutal heat, or you decided it was a 1 mile sprint kind of day. Whatever it was, you got your ass up and got something in.

Happy summer running! Hope to see you out there.



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