Monday, June 23, 2014

Queens Scene: Free Fitness in Astoria

I  wanted to share another one of my pieces from Queens Scene. This one was featured on the website and let's you know where to find free fitness in Astoria. Take a look below and check out their site. Then follow Queens Scene on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Free Outdoor Fitness

Lynette Pettinicchi

Instead of sitting inside of a gym or fitness studio during these bouts of nice weather, take your workout outdoors. After the winter we had, do you really want to be glued to a treadmill watching TV? Fortunately for Astorians who may need a little motivation from a group class, there are plenty of free outdoor workout options to fulfill your needs.  

Astoria Park Alliance is hosting free Zumba and yoga classes on the terrace overlooking the pool. Zumba is the first Saturday of every month and yoga will be on the last Saturday of the month until September. The classes run an hour long and free to anyone. You just have to show up! No equipment is needed for the Zumba but if you are coming for yoga make sure to bring your own mat. Take advantage of a free 12 PM Savasana in the sun.  Just remember to keep hydrated under the hear!

 To kick off the summer series, Liz from The Rock Health and Fitness Club led a relaxing yet challenging Vinyasa class. The generous sponsors who are making this happen are The Astoria Fine Arts Dance Studio, The Rock Health and Fitness Club and The Yoga Room Studio.
Credit: Astoria Park Alliance Credit: Astoria Park Alliance has several groups for Queens’s outdoor fitness mavens. They meet in the park and are typically free. When you pick a group to join you are asked to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself. After you are approved, you can RSVP to different events.  I recently joined Yoga In Astoria Park and Track Workouts for Runners at Astoria Park.  Aside from yoga, Meetup can find you bootcamps, track workouts, recreational sports and more.

So instead of soaking up the artificial heat indoors, head down to the park and take your fitness outdoors for the summer. 

Where are you working out this summer?


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