Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kickboxing with a Live DJ

A little over a month ago I joined a website for young professionals that combines expert articles, a job board and mentorship with in-person networking. The second networking event I went to was a networkout (which is a workout class just for the women registered through Levo League). The class was called Beatbox Fitness. I have never taken a kickboxing class before but was dying to so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

According to the e-mail I got when I registered, this is what Beatbox Fitness is all about:

Beatbox Fitness brings you a full-body fat burning workout in just 50 minutes. Get ready to combine kickboxing moves, strengthening drills, and interval training to torch through calories in this fun, upbeat, and nonstop kickboxing class. Not only do you learn a new skill, but the kickboxing workout helps you feel empowered, courageous, and confident. Without the use of traditional kickboxing bags which can weigh up to 150 pounds and cause injury, Beatbox utilizes kickboxing moves in a cardio focused setting. The live DJ adds new, upbeat, and nonstop mixes to each class to really get you jabbing and crossing to your maximum potential. No gloves necessary :)

While I waited for class to start, I chatted with some of the other girls there. Once the DJ was done setting up and Ailin, the founder and instructor, was ready we got started. We started with some basic cardio and strength moves (jumping jax and squats) and Ailin let us know we would be starting with basic moves and adding on. 

We started with footwork and every so often added a new arm sequence. Ailin was verbal throughout the whole class and was so motivating. By the end of the class we had a whole sequence and I'm 105% confident I could kick some ass if need be. Just kidding, my arm strength is a joke. We ended the class with come cardio and abs for a full body workout. 

The music was awesome too! Each song was different and since I had never taken this class, I really had no idea what songs to expect. 

I highly recommend signing up for a Beatbox Fitness class. It's fun, you don't realize how good of a workout you're getting and you can brush up on your kickboxing skills. 


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