Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A few weeks ago I was invited to the grand opening of Doonya's first NYC studio. They held pop-up classes throughout the city but this is the first time they have had their own location. 

I arrived just in time and changed in one of their chic dressing rooms. The class started promptly and they wasted no time getting us right into it!

Doonya is a Bollywood dance fitness company, for those unfamiliar it can be compared to Zumba. A combination of instructors hosted the hour long upbeat class. There was a combination of pop, hip hop and traditional Bollywood music. Each routine targeted different parts of the body such as abs, arms, legs, calves, etc. It was easy to follow along and I never got bored. Definitely the perfect after-work dance party. 

Afterwards there were drinks from Veev Vodka, snacks from Bhagvat Life and a beauty station from Shobha Spa and BrideGal Multicultural Beauty. 

I highly recommend taking a Doonya class if you haven't already!


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