Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Much Needed Time Off

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I've been an athlete my entire life and towards the end of a season, I start getting an itch for a little break. After a mixed emotions spring race season I bounced back with an amazing fall season and gave myself well deserved time off.

[Staten Island Half smiles]
And you should too. All of us athletes spend most of the year turning down long nights with our friends for practice or a race the next day. It's second nature. After I ran an extremely well race at Staten Island, I took time to see my friends, party, catch up on work and apparently gain 8 pounds (good thing my little break is over). It was so refreshing and now I'm ready to ease back into working out and gear up for spring. Remember, even Shalane gives herself a little break!

[Out on a Friday night!]
This weekend, I'm hosting a housewarming party/friendsgiving and next weekend is a good friends birthday and another friends post-marathon "I have a life again" party.

What are you doing during your downtime? 


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