Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My First Marathon Experience

On Sunday I had my first NYC Marathon experience. No, I didn't run (this year) but I did volunteer at the mile 14 med tent. This was the first time I also attended the marathon rather than watch on TV. 

I left my apartment at around 7:15 to head to 46th Ave and Vernon BLVD to meet up with the other volunteers at my tent. When I got there we took inventory of all of our supplies and got the tent ready as best as we could. My tent had 4 cots, about 15 volunteers and tons of energy. I didn't realize how laid back this was going to be. We were allowed to cheer and hold signs so long as every patient was being taken care of. 

One of my favorite parts was being able to see the wheelchair, elite men and elite women up close and personal. Boy do they all fly! 

My second favorite part was being able to assist all of the runners that came into the tent and get them back on the road. Each and every one of them were so grateful to see us and it meant so much to me to be able to help them (although I did more writing and yelling out for things). 

I witnessed pain, joy, fear, tears, and more all up close and personal. The runners were all so inspiring and I hope everyone had a great race.

I cannot wait to volunteer again. It was definitey an experience I won't forget. Who knows, maybe I'll run it one day ;)


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