Monday, November 10, 2014

Socked at the Barre with Bianca Jade (MizzFit)

Last week Bianca, MizzFit, invited me to a barre class for the launch of her first ever grippy sock line in conjunction with Pointe Studio. I'm not a regular but I do enjoy a barre class every once and a while so I decided to go. 

It was at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studio on 9th Ave and taught by 2 instructors from Figures NYC barre studio in Harlem. KiwiSweat hosted the sign-ups through their new app which is still in beta. 

The doors opened at about 5:15 PM and we were instructed to grab a gift bag from the front of the room that had 2 pairs of Bianca's socks in them then find a mat which had a towel and Bobble water bottle for us. 

A few minutes later the class started. We began with arms (holy push ups!) on the mat then proceeded to the barre for legs and glutes. The instructors were very energetic and one of them brought their fiance to DJ which was pretty awesome. The socks were great, I didn't get stuck on the floor like some of the other grippy socks I have although they almost didn't have enough grip, but they did their job. I would definitely wear them again to another barre class. 

We headed back to the mat to finish up with some abs and stretching. What I really loved about this class was that it was quick and flowed together. I never felt like it was dragging unmotivated.

Bianca put a lot of work into her socks and this is actually one of the first accessories project she has worked on. She has been taking barre classes since 2006 and loves the feelings she gets from them. After constantly over paying for mono-colored socks from her favorite studios, she realized she should just create her own. Learn more here, including why she named the 2 styles EKG and Blood, Sweat and Tears. 


You can purchase them here for $20.

Thanks to all of the gift bag sponsors, Kiwi Sweat, MizzFit, Pointe Studio and Figures NYC for a great evening!


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