Friday, November 14, 2014

The Monster Cycle

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I've been in the hunt for fitness studios in the new neighborhood I work in, which would be SoHo. After searching for the 47364th time I've accepted there's no Flywheel in walking distance. So I Googled and this place called The Monster Cycle appeared. I'd never heard of it before, it looked like it had a creepy yet super cool vibe and the first ride was only $13. So I signed up for a Tuesday evening class.

The studio is quite spacious. The first floor is check in, retail, a juice bar and a lounge area. For the second time this year when I was new somewhere, no one showed me around. I was told the changing rooms and spin studio was downstairs but wasn't even told where the stairs were! Really? This goes for all fitness studios and gyms- if someone is new please just ask if they'd like a tour or something. 

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Anyway, I went downstairs and went to the locker area. Things I liked: my locker corresponded with my bike number so I wouldn't forget which locker I picked. What I didn't like: There was no lock! After that realization, I got changed in one of the bathrooms, each of which had a shower in it.

The spin studio is small and has 2 flat screen TVs. You have your choice of clips or cages on the bikes but please take note they do not have shoe rentals. 

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I loved they play music videos. I never know what to look at sometime and the person in front of mes ass is usually not sufficient enough to keep me entertained. Each song obviously had a video although I only knew one or two songs so that was a bummer.

And apparently the instructor only knew sit or stand. We did hill climbs standing and sitting and occasionally a sprint. I would have loved for him to switch it up a little more, add a jog, 3 part jump or anything more. 

Something I think is important is that the instructor didn't talk too much. Sometimes I have trouble getting lost in a song during a climb if the instructor talks through it. He also shared a motivational quote at the end which was nice.

Overall it was an OK class. I'm not sure I would pay full price for it but it was worth the $13 and if someone offered me a class I would probably take it.

Have you been to The Monster Cycle? What did you think?


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