Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tone it Up Tuesday

Since I've been doing a lot more strength training at home, I thought I'd bring back Tone it Up Tuesday and each week share a new exercise I've been trying.

One thing that I never did and recently found on Pinterest was the dolphin pose. I think I had bad form when I was younger and thought that it didn't work. Lo and behold, it definitely does!

It not only works your abs but also your arms. And feels great. 

How do you do it?

Start in plank position. Make sure your spine is neutral- no butts in the air or sagging down! Abs should be engaged the moment you start.

[Photo courtesy of Fitness Magazine]
Next, using your engaged abs, pike your butt up towards the ceiling. 
Hold for a moment then slowly return to your plank position. 

[Photo Courtesy of Real Simple]

Depending on what my workout is for the day, I do about 12 as an ab move in between squats. 

Do you practice dolphin pose? Do you do any variations? 


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