Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Training Week 2 (and half of 3)

Major bust. 

I really had high hopes for last week and this week then my good friend insomnia decided to move in, Juno took a detour through Queens and I finally caught that cold that's been going around my office. 

The plan was:

  • Tuesday- B/X at Brick (bootcamp at a Crossfit gym)
  • Wednesday- Morning run
  • Thursday- Acroyoga
  • Saturday- 5 mile run
  • Monday - Mile High Run Club class
  • Tuesday - Yoga at Exhale
  • Wednesday - Morning run
What actually hapenned:

Tuesday - I did go to Brick! It was a hard class and I think I over worked my hamstrings during a ball toss. I had asked for a lighter one (I had a 30 lb. ball to throw over my shoulder) and he brought be an embarassingly large 12 lb. ball. I stuck with the 30 pounder which was probably a mistake for my legs. It was a great class overall. A big focus was played on arms and abs- my 2 weak spots. 

Wednesday - I skipped this run because I haven't been sleeping. I've really been looking forward to getting up and running in the mornings again but my health comes first and if I've got no energy, running is out of the question. 

Thursday - I went to Acroyoga and as usual, had fun. It was a challenging class but I learned some new things and got to work on some old poses I always have trouble with. 

Saturday - 5.5 mile run + SHITT class at Reebok. Run was pretty good and I only almost ate shit once or twice from the ice. I ended up running an extra half a mile because I miscalculated how much further up I needed to go after the Queenboro bridge and the distance to 5th ave from 1st. Overall it was a nice run, not very strong but that's something that I will be working on. The Reebok class was fun and I would have loved to do more and not keep going in childs pose but my body was begging me for it!

Monday - I really like Mile High Run Club right now. It's cold out and the only time I can do speed/hill work is when it's dark and I don't want to do that alone. With that being said, Monday's class was good, but not great. The instructor was a sub and she wasn't as motivating as the first girl I had taken it with. And she kept telling us the workout ahead of time. No offence, but I still hate the treadmill even thought I come here. Surprise me! Don't bum me out telling me 10 min before we do it that we have a 3 min climb at 5% at speed 7. 

Tuesday - SNOW DAY! I was supposed to be at Exhale yoga in the morning but we worked from home due to the snow. AKA I slept until about 8:45. 

Wednesday - And today I woke up a little sick and skipped any wortkout I could have done.

As you can see, training is not going well. Here is what I hope to do for the rest of this week and next:
  • Thursday - Acroyoga
  • Saturday - 6 mile run (+ brunch with some runners!)
  • Monday -  Morning class (maybe spin)
  • Tuesday - Hopefully Exhale yoga
  • Wednesday - Planning on Mile High Run Club
  • Thursday - Acro
  • Saturday - 7 mile run (+ coffee with some bloggers)
How's your training going?


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