Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Training Week 3

Yes, I'm a little behind. It's been a hellish week and it's only Wednesday. I am so ready for February to be over! 

I did get back on my workout game though. Snow and ice have taken over city sidewalks so the runs are scarce but the workouts have been happening. Here's a little recap from last Thursday through today and my plan through Sunday. I know I missed a week but it sucked anyway! Your regularly scheduled program should be back on Monday!

  • Thursday - Acroyoga. I had a really bad cold and was planning on only spotting but I ended up feeling better by the end of the day and am so glad because we did a series of poses I had never done before!
  • Sunday - 6 mile run. I did my run around Astoria and was fighting through ice and a cold. The cold air made breathing easier but my nose was still running like crazy. I skipped brunch so I could lay down and rest for the day. The run overall was OK. Definitely slower than usual but I anticipate once the ice is gone and I'm better, I'll be where I want to be. 
[My breakfast game was on point]
  • Monday -  Yoga at Exhale. I felt really strong and the stretch felt AMAZING!
  • Tuesday - Spin at Peloton. The consensus from yesterday was that if you worked at a PR firm you essentially wanted to kill yourself by the end of the day. I was no exception and to get rid of the day I spun my heart out and burned 500 calories. That's important because the bike tracker usually only says 400 ish. That's how you know it was a bad day.
Up for the rest of the week:
  • Thursday - Acro
  • Saturday - 7 mile run (+ coffee with some bloggers)
  • Sunday - Class at Body Space Fitness

What's on your schedule this week?


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