Monday, March 30, 2015

MORE/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon Training

Happy Monday! So many things have been going on over here I don't even know where to start. Yesterday I went to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and had so much fun. It was interactive and modern and one of the few museums I actually enjoyed!

[From this picture you'd have no idea it was still snowing just 2 hours earlier and you couldn't see the course!]

As you know last weekend I ran the Michelob Ultra Half Marathon. I was hoping to write a full review of this race but decided against it because I had too many negative things to say about it. While I did take away my sub-2 goal (final time was 2:08- not even close to it) I also chose to run with no watch and I have to say, it was pretty liberating! It also made me realize I have no concept of pace and slowed down dramatically after the 10K. While I was waiting to get started I met a new running friend. Ashley and I hung out for about an hour before and in the corrals until we started (she's much faster than me!). Overall I had a good race and a great day but there were a lot of mishaps on the race organizers part. 

Before the race I had been having knee problems and it got worse during that run so I decided to see a PT. While I had a feeling this was going to happen, I knew it was the right decision to go. No running for 2 weeks. EEEEK! Doesn't he know I have to run 8 more races this year with 4 in the next 2,.5 months?! I'm still excited for the MORE/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon that I'm running on behalf of Fitness so this is how I'm preparing:

1. YOGA YOGA YOGA. MY PT 100% cleared me for yoga so I'm doing a lot of it to keep my body strong. I'm testing out FitnessGlo so I'll be taking classes from there as well. I'll also be continuing to practice acro since it's still technically yoga :)

2. Strength. Planks, leg lifts, bridges, wall sits, you name it, I'm doing it. Along with keeping my body tight, I also need to strengthen the area around my knee. The PT gave me a few specific exercises to work on too. 

3. Occasionally spin. For cardio, I'm going to try and incorporate some spin. It was a compromise we made since he wanted me to cut out all cardio and I couldn't do that. We agreed that spin was OK because I'm not pounding pavement or jumping but should my knee bother me I have to stop.

Can't wait to see you out in Central Park on April 19th! If you haven't already signed up, do so now


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