Monday, March 16, 2015

National Nutrition Month

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It's National Nutrition Month and I'm halfway done with my nutrition certification so it's only fitting I contribute a post. It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to write about but I finally figured it out- experimenting. 

For this month (and forever) I want you to experiment with new veggies you normally wouldn't touch. A few weeks ago I became very interested in sweet potatoes and have been figuring out different ways to incorporate them into my meals.

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 Sweet potatoes are great carbs that keep you full and energized without added sugars or processed ingredients. Have one starch per meal to reap the benefits. 

A few other nutrient dense veggies to experiment with this month include:

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Eggplants: I've been roasting these to toss in salads and pasta. I even made a yogurt/eggplant mac and cheese! They can also be used for eggplant parm and a multitude of other things. Eggplants contain many vitamins and minerals our bodies need to thrive. 

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Asparagus: If you saw on my Instagram the other day, I made a delicious lemon chicken dinner with asparagus and whole grain rice. Not only can they be incorporated into meals in many different ways, since they are high in folate they can promote sleep and help fight anxiety. 

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Artichokes: While I typically don't eat artichokes, they are a great anti-inflammatory and can be eaten as an actual veggie, not just in dip. I plan on making a dish in the next month or two and will definitely share. 

What are you doing for National Nutrition Month? What are your favorite veggies?



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