Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tone It Up Tuesday: Push Ups

Here in NYC we have been getting a little preview of spring.Today is supposed to be close to 50 with rain. I'll take it! With that being said, only a few more weeks until sundresses with sweaters and barely-there running outfits. Woo hoo! You already know that I hate doing arm work but since I plan have to run 9 races this year (not including next weeks half) and love me some sundresses, I'd like to start doing more to get my upper body stronger and toned and make me a little faster. 

Push-ups are going to be my go to. From yoga to traditional to moving from high plank to low plank to variations like T's. 

Here are a few examples:

[Photo Credit: Prevention]
The yoga push up goes down into chaturanga and back up targeting biceps, triceps, chest and core. 

[Photo Credit: New Health Guide]
Planking tends to work a lot of muscles for me even before I start doing variations. While keeping core engages, push up to a high plank and hold for 5 seconds, then come back to low plank and repeat. 

[Photo Credit: Running Starfish]
These are for when I really build some strength up! From biceps to triceps to core to glutes, this variation is a full body workout. 

What are your favorite kinds of push ups?


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