Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Tuesday & Training Update

What a week! After spending the week dog sitting I had a fabulous weekend that consisted of some outdoor time. Since I'm still not allowed to run, I went to my first Exceed class on Saturday morning. Even with tons of modifications so I wasn't jumping and what not that class kicked my ass! It's circuit based and we did a little bit of everything. We did kettle bells, TRX, push-ups, ab work, medicine balls, etc. 

On Sunday I walked around Central Park then hung out on the balcony with the dog because I was exhausted. 

Yesterday, I finally got the OK to run 6 miles on Saturday. Yay! And by I got the OK I mean I sort of told them I was doing it and no they weren't thrilled. But, the MORE/Fitness/Shape Half Marathon is in 2 weeks and a girls gotta run!

I've also made the decision to drop all time goals for 2015. Yup, ms. competitive is running for fun. Reason being? I need to be able to actually finish all of my races in order to run the marathon and in order to do so I can't push, push, push. 

However, I've got a bunch of fun reviews coming up including ones from Fitness Glo and Liquido!

I'm excited to see what spring has in store for me. So far, it's been pretty good!


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