Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's All About The Hot Dogs

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The theme of all of my spring races has been undertrained and unprepared so why should Brooklyn be any different? I haven't been to the PT recently because they kept screwing up my appointments but I have been making an effort to do the exercises they gave to me and use the resistance band more. I'm skipping my sisters college graduation for this race so I'm going to put as much effort as I can into the race to justify this. It's my first time running the Brooklyn Half and I've heard great things so I hope it doesn't let me down!

Since I'm still technically injured, I am again not running with my watch. So it's going to be a fun run which leads me to the title of the post- I CAN'T WAIT FOR HOT DOGS! I don't really eat hot dogs and when I became a nutritionist I learned even more things that turned me off from them but I mean it's Brooklyn and there's Nathan's so that's the motivation to get it done.

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Overall, I think I have a shot at doing OK. Thanks to FitReserve, I've been able to get some sprints done at Mile High Run Club, spin at Peloton and do yoga at Clay and Exhale. I will again try to KT Tape my knee (which failed a few weeks ago) or use my band. My friend Jane will be running too and we have plans to eat hot dogs and drink beer afterwards (obviously the most important part of the day). Afterwards, pending rain, I get to get more food with Anna and Mallory so all in all, the goal is to finish for the food!

Can't wait to share the recap. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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