Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Celebrating Too Early

*Proceed with caution. Very opinionated post that you may not share the same feelings on. Please remember this is my personal blog. Nourish You will be live early 2016 for all things health and wellness and Nutrition By Lynette. 

If you're a runner, you probably already know what happened at the end of the women's 10K at the world championships. When I watched that it got me thinking as to how many times I or someone else "celebrated" too early. I have also 100% been in Molly Huddle's position so I feel greatly for her right now. 

My sister, a former NCAA runner, and I were talking about this. We have been playing team sports since before we could walk. What would we do if our teammate did that to us? Would we have done the same thing Emily did? 

In life, I think we all face moments like this, in sports, at work, dating, etc. I once ran a 5K and slowed down and practically stopped before the finish line to look at the clock overhead. I was a favorite to win dance twirl in one of my last years twirling and got "excited" (read: a little cocky) and came in second to last. 

I've had a lot of disappointments in my life and I think that's one thing that keeps me from getting excited too quickly. Working in PR, having a major editor respond is a big deal and my superiors always get excited when I say so and so is interested. And I stand there emotionless. Why? Because I didn't secure the placement yet. The piece hasn't ran. I didn't run through the line yet. 

So while you may be celebrating Emily or contemplating whether she deserved the medal or not, try and refrain from calling Molly names or her actions "stupid." We have all been there. Whether you can pinpoint the moments off the top of your head or not. As an athlete, publicist, nutritionist and blogger, I read the news pretty often and the headlines surrounding this have been awful. 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Staten Island Half Training: Week 2 + a few

Whoa is time flying. I just wrapped up my last weekend in the Bridgehampton house which means it's time to go visit my parents next weekend and wrap up the summer. Sad face here. 

On a more positive and happier note, training has been going semi-well. I'm feeling stronger again, getting more toned and overall feeling pretty good about this race so far. 

It also looks like I skipped about 2 weeks of recaps so here's a little synopsis:

Monday 7/27 - Boxing at Overthrow

Wednesday 7/29 -Uptown Pilates (West Village)

Thursday 7/30 - New Balance Girls Night Out workout

Saturday 8/1 - Mandy Ingber yoga session and Heidi Powell Bikini Booty Bootcamp

Sunday 8/2 - 3 mile run

Monday 8/3 - Boxing at Overthrow

Wednesday 8/5 - Dash28 at Mile High Run Club

Thursday 8/6 - Boxing at Overthrow

Sunday 8/9 - 3 mile run

Clearly I've been a big boxing fan lately. Now that my little vacations are over it's essentially time to add some mileage. I've got a 4-miler scheduled for this weekend when I'll be home and it's up from there on out. 

How's your training been going?


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Women's Health Well-Thy Weekend + BIG Giveaway

Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone is surviving the week. Last weekend, two girlfriends and I were lucky enough to attend Women's Health magazines first annual well-thy house in Montauk. The event was held in conjunction with their annual Party Under the Stars Run10Feed10 kick off. 

[ Schedule for the day ]
Naturally, because I was leading this, we were there a little early. We grabbed some coffee and breakfast treats and relaxed in one of the most serene backyards I have ever been in. Each session was about a half hour long and at 10 AM began yoga with celebrity yogi Mandy Ingber. She has a great personality and I highly recommend taking a class. 

[ Check Keri's Instagram for a better photo :) ]
Before we headed to the pool area to hear Keri Glassman (not only a celebrity RDN but also the woman who certified me to be a nutritionist!) I got to meet her! Granted I snuck into a room I'm not quite sure I had access to (the publicist in me) and had a nice chat. I'm excited for you to see what's to come. Lips zipped for now!

[ Sean Sime Photography ]
Keri talked about cleanses and how while having a green juice is great, it is possible to cleanse with food. Most times when people attempt a juice cleanse they are setting themselves up for failure. Instead, cleansing with real solid food that has nutrients and calories can set you up for success. It's the foundation for a healthy diet!

[ Sean Sime Photography ]
Next we got our asses kicked. Literally. Heidi Powell, one of the hosts of Extreme Weight Loss, took us through her Bikini Booty Mission workout. Helloooo burpees and squats. It was hot, we sweat and we looked great at the event that night. 

[ Sean Sime Photography ]
I have to be honest, I tuned out a little during the gardening demo because I've never had a green thumb but I do love love the pick-your-own-herbs-from-the-backyard concept. Jeff Dawson from Golden Door gave the talk on gardening and right before a wonderful farm-to-table lunch created by Greg Frey Jr. of Golden Door, he demo'd a few things and shared how to create a welcoming aroma right before guests arrive. 

I can't get over how great the lunch was, from the grilled chicken to the corn salad to the quinoa to the little dessert.

[ Sean Sime Photography ]
Lastly, James Houston, founder of MindSpaceDesign, talked about creating a healthy home. As a publicist, when he said "if you wouldn't put those headlines on your fridge, they got to go" resonated with me and reminded me to be mindful when pitching and make sure everything is positive. 

Afterwards it was time to head home and prep for the night event. But not before getting a goody bag loaded with healthy treats. 

Guess what? We're giving you an opportunity to win one! Additionally, it will come with a free 1.5 hour nutrition counseling service courtesy of yours truly, Nutrition By Lynette. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Here's what you'll win:
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo
  • Crème of Nature Straight from Eden Oil-Infused Hydrating Shampoo
  • Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Hand Cream
  • Aveeno Mini Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Out of Africa Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • Crème of Nature Straight from Eden Plant-Derived Repairing Oil
  • Geri G Cheek/Eye Duo
  • Geri G Ultra Plush Mascara
  • Purell Travel Hand Sanitizer
  • Goody Slideproof Headband
  • Fat Water Berry Concentrate
  • Go Raw Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snack
  • Go Raw Lemon Pie Sprouted Cookies
  • Eden Wild Berry Mix
  • Stoneridge Orchards Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruits
  • Go Organic Apple Hard Candies
  • FIT Mushroom Matrix
  • Dave’s Homemade Sweet & Sassy Smokehouse Rub
  • Owl’s Brew Tea Crafted Cocktail
  • PaperChef Culinary Parchment Cooking Bags
  • Koala Bottle Opener
  • Blender Bottle Sport Mixer
  • Natalie Jill Total Bodyweight Workout DVD
  • Domino magazine Summer 2015 issue
  • Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy book
  • $500 Golden Door Gift Certificate
  • + a 1.5 hour session with Nutrition By Lynette

[ The girls and I take advantage of prime picture time ]
To wrap up the day (and this post) we partied under the stars with new and old friends. I saw Keri and also Kiley who I hadn't seen in a while. hung out with some of the girls from the day event and just had a great evening. 

Thanks again to Lindsey and Women's Health for having us!