Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NYFW 2015

Nothing like bringing in the fall with a little fashion. While most of this site is dedicated towards health and wellness, there's no harm in loving fashion week, NYC and trading the Asics for Louboutin's (ha JK, but one day) every once in a while. It's nice to get dressed up and be girly once in a while and as I get older I've realized it's OK to LOVE LOVE LOVE being a tomboy but also LOVE your heels and dresses. But just know I will still always pick yoga pants, a sweatshirt and hair in a messy bun. 

But this week was about the latest trends so what did I do?

First up this year was Lulu*s Style Lounge. Anna and I headed over to the West Side after work to join brands such as NYX Cosmetics, The Balm, LAQA & Co,  LVX, amika, WOODZEE, LaraBar and pop Beauty to name a few. After checking in we naturally gravitated towards the bar for some Prosecco. 

The gifting suite consisted dry shampoo, lotion, makeup brush cleaners, double sided dress tape, nail polish and more. Definitely all functional products that I could use everyday. 

The third floor was magical. Lulu's was generous enough to gift each attendee with an item of clothing. I chose the most fabulous dress and need to find someone to wear it. We also ventured over to the Black Swan booth where if you didn't win a pink gumball you could post an Instagram photo and also get a piece of clothing. I got a burgundy sweater dress 2 sizes too big because I clearly don't pay attention. 

Afterwards we hit up the photobooth and had some fun, I got my nails done and we headed to grab a quick bite to eat. Thank you to both Lulu*s and Anna for a fab evening!

I stopped at the AMCONYC pop up shop over the weekend on my way to pick up my bib for the Fifth Ave Mile. I practically had the entire place to myself which was nice so I could browse without anyone shoving me around. philosophy was there with a donation box to support mental health awareness, Ollari had some great piece and there was a super cute jewlery stand. 

My Fashion Week ended last night at TechStyle Lounge. I went to this event in the winter and was grateful to be able to attend again this fall. I met Janine through my friend Bianca at another event she through and it was lovely. I arrived a little late due to work but was still able to explore and have a few drinks. 

One of my favorites was Thync (if you ever need an extra publicist- call me!). It works kind of like how they do stim for your knee at PT but this device helps you either calm down or gain energy. You use it for about 10 minutes at a tine. Super cool!

Overall, my fashion week was great but I'm ready for some sleep!


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