Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Bronx 10-Miler Recap

Happy Thursday! We're so close to Friday which means it's almost Staten Island Half time!

2 weekends ago, after I saw the Pope, slept for 12 hours and ventured to Brooklyn for a housewarming party, I ran the Bronx 10-miler. This race fell at the perfect time as this weekend was my schedule 10 miles for half marathon training. This was supposed to be a training run and I accidentally started racing. Whoops.

I got there about 45 minutes before the start and was freezing (shocker) so I curled up on a bench for a little to get warm. By the time I got there Brock was already making his way to his 5K start line so I didn't get to see him beforehand. I lined up on my start line and after I passed all the bathrooms realized I had to pee. Tough luck for me.

When the gun went off my music decided to stop working so not only did I have a knee injury, I also had no headphones and still had to pee. The first few miles went by quickly. A lot of rolling hills and a little pack to stay with. I eventually stopped at mile 3 to use the bathroom. I'm not sure how much that slowed my time down but I hope not much. 

Miles 4.5 and 6 were loopy and were over before I knew it. Although mile 6 was pretty rough for me. Once I was up the hill on onto the second part of the out and back I knew I could finish strong. My knee was bothering me, along with my hamstring now, but it subsided and I felt super strong.

There were definitely some moments where I wished I had my music, especially pushing through the end, but I managed to finish my reminding myself that I had 1 more eat, 2 more drinks then a mile to the end.

While I didn't get a fast time, 1:35 and change, I was surprised at the pace. I didn't have my watch so I was guessing the entire time. I feel like I could redeem myself this weekend however workouts haven't been going wonderful. I went to yoga yesterday at Clay and tomorrow is one last speed workout at Mile High Run Club.

Anyone else running this weekend?

Cheers to strong and speedy legs!



  1. That's still a great finish time! I love the 10-mile distance....there's a race I have done (recently and a year ago) and that's a great distance to gauge your fitness and endurance. Good luck on your half ;-)

    1. Thanks Kimberly! This is the first time I've raced this distance- it's quick! Thank you! :)

  2. I love NY races! This looks like a lot of fun. 10 miles is such a great race distance. Just enough to challenge but not totally burn you out. Nice job!

    1. It was fun! It was my first time running it so it was a nice change of scenery. Thank you!