Friday, April 14, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Yiman

Happy Friday! It's intern diaries day so check out what Yiman learned this week! 

When working in the PR industry, one small but crucial point you need to keep in mind is paying attention to the breaking news. This is what I learned about PR this week. Basically, PR tasks require people to communicate a lot with the media including newspapers, magazines, websites, forums, blogs and on social media. When something big happens, usually it is not an appropriate time to pitch editors. Picture the scene: editors and reporters are having a planning meeting on breaking news. At this time they would not care about what we are pitching. For example, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce was announced, we didn’t pitch entertainment editors.

On Wednesday, I went to yoga with Lynette near the office. It was so much fun! I am getting to know the importance of having a wellness day in the middle of the week. The excitement starts from Tuesday and maintains until the end of Wednesday. After a wellness break, my body felt refreshed and my mind was better focused on work. Even more, every time my boss and I do something together like friends for a break, I get the opportunity to learn about her and feel more close.

Working in PR really brings me a lot of interesting experiences. I help with research and creating a lot of spreadsheets. This week I was working on a fundraiser and had to look up places to send couples on dates, search for raffle items, make a list of high-end restaurants, and even seek contacts information for NYC bachelors.


We hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm headed to Boston to watch the marathon on Monday. Check out our Instagram stories (@Lynette_Nicole) to stay on top of my adventures! 


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