Friday, April 21, 2017

PR Diaries: A Day in the Life of Yiman

Happy Friday! Another week of hustling down, more than we can count to go. In this weeks edition of our intern diaries, Yiman is talking about our day working from Joe & The Juice. 

It is a cold, windy morning. The temperature goes down again after several warm lovely days. Today I am meeting Lynette at Joe & The Juice, a healthy juice bar in SoHo New York, our temporary office for the day. Sitting near an outlet, we start our work.
As usual, I begin with making a to-do-list before diving into work for the day. Lynette helped me rearrange the order of things to do. Since everything is important, we start with the easiest stuffs first, like clipping, adding updates to memos and spreadsheets. Following her instructions, I start by updating our gift bags sponsor spreadsheet for our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society event at Yo Yoga! next Saturday.
Around 12, Lynette leaves to meet our newest client, Allongee,  to discuss the upcoming campaign.

While she’s gone, the most regular part of my day comes: making spreadsheets.
Usually, I help with making spreadsheets of different media outlets according to what event we are holding, or what topic we are pitching. For today, I am making a list of media covering topics of health and medical tech. I type “medical healthcare tech media outlet” in Google and it turns out many results. From there, I need to select the best fit for our client, including best editors. I have to look at each website to confirm there is section my client fits into. And a key tip here: before adding this media outlet to your list, it is of great importance and necessary to check whether or not it has already posted articles about the client. I make a list of around 10 and Lynette checks and select from my list who to pitch. After the medical tech list, I continue making a list of raffle items for a karaoke event.
At 5 PM, we stop working and go back home. This is a regular day of my internship with Lynette, a patient boss willing to share and teach.

Cheers to a relaxing weekend! I'm headed to my cousins bridal shower on Long Island this weekend and taking my mom to brunch in Queens.

Look out for a review of something very pink on Monday!


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