Monday, May 22, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Jenna

Happy Monday! It's quite gross out here in NYC which works out well for me since my legs are still tight from Saturday. No running for this girl today. 

For this weeks PR Diaries, Jenna talks Wellness Wednesday, work/life balance and our client going viral. 

This week Lynette and I grabbed teas on Wednesday and I got to talk to her about her experience in public relations. From our conversation I learned how important it is to follow your dreams and do what you love. In public relations there are so many different areas you can work in. From working at a boutique agency or a firm to working in corporate PR or consumer PR, there are endless options. I learned how important it is to try and get as much experience as possible so I can figure out where I want to end up working in the future. I loved hearing how Lynette gets to work with clients she’s truly passionate about, such as fitness companies and start ups. I hope that I can be as fortunate to be able to work in fields within PR that I’m passionate about and that excite me.

This week I learned how important it is to soak up nature and the good weather. On Wednesday when Lynette and I got teas at Gossip Coffee and got to sit on their outdoor patio. Although it was very hot, sitting outside refreshed me and gave me a new burst of energy for the rest of the work day.

This week one of Lynette Nicole PR’s clients, XO Marshmallow, got a lot of media attention! It was really exciting and really cool to see a client I’ve helped with have articles all over websites I’m familiar with and read regularly. One of the coolest things that happened was that XO Marshmallow made the front page of Guest of a Guest. I was in charge of counting all the likes, comments, and shares XO Marshmallow was getting on social media and it was so exciting to see how popular Lynette Nicole PR’s client is becoming!

Now, back to that rainy day hustle before our Leukemia and Lymphoma Fundraiser in the Hamptons on Friday night! 


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