Friday, May 5, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Yiman's Farewell

Hi everyone! I know I am a little behind on personal posts but I will have some updates to you soon. Before we break for the weekend, I wanted to share Yiman's last blog post as an intern. She is going to be graduating next week and head off into the real world! 


Before coming to Lynette Nicole PR, I had some experience working in corporate PR and with big clients. So it was a good opportunity for me to come here and learn about how to promote start-ups and work in consumer PR. I do appreciate the opportunity to work with Lynette and her great patience to teach me, and share her experience and ideas with me.

Although my internship was only 7 weeks, I learned a lot from doing simple tasks such as pulling a media list to more comprehensive ones like hosting an event. Sometimes I am slow paced but am getting used to pulling a list by searching according to different clients, topics, events and situations. Also, I was lucky to participate in an event held at Yo Yoga!, by preparing all the items and setting up the venue.

The more important thing I have learned at LNPR is a different mindset. Every Wednesday we have a wellness day, taking a break in the middle of the week to refresh ourselves. Lynette and I went out for smoothies, healthy lunches, yoga or  cups of tea. After work, I don’t even need to check my email. From wellness day, I start to embrace this new idea of work/life balance.

The best part of my internship was the event. After several weeks of preparation, we spent time making sure everything was OK, double checking every detail just to make sure the event will go smoothly. Then I was able to see how participants enjoyed our event. It was a lot of excitement. Lynette told me PR is not a glamorous job, we always work behind the stage and let our client shine. By preparing the event, I can understand better what she said about PR.

For future interns, my advice would be: please seize every opportunity to learn, don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn to manage your time as well. Finally, I hope you will enjoy your internship at LNPR as I did. 


Have a fab Cinco De Mayo and Derby Day! I will be hitting the town with my favorites to celebrate by upcoming birthday (May 11)!


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