Thursday, May 11, 2017

Still Not 30

Happy Birthday to me! Although I have incorporated some work onto Life's Better In Yoga Pants, like the intern diaries, this is still first and foremost my personal blog. So, let's get personal. 

27, you were fucking cold. You challenged me physically and mentally for almost the entire year. WTF! Fortunately, because I'm me and I'm a badass, I overcame it all. A few months prior to my 27th birthday, I lost sight of the strong person I was, for almost ten months. 

That doesn't mean I didn't do badass things though. If you haven't noticed, I currently own my own business which I started while I was training for my first ever marathon! 

I've made some amazing friends, and I've had people who I thought were great walk away. 

I spent my summer living it up and can't wait to see what this year brings. 

I learned a lot about people. Good and bad. 

I learned that people will accuse you of things you didn't do and no matter how many times you tell the truth, they still won't believe you. And no matter how much it all still bugs you, you just have to laugh. Because at the end of the day, you owned up to what you did and didn't do, and if someone doesn't believe you, that's on them. 

This year also taught me that I hate the term millennial more than I thought I did due to the fact that I have to hire millennial interns. We are SO different and all I want is to find a mini 22 year old me. Where did everyone's passion and ambition go? 

I also was reminded at how great my friends are since they stuck by me when I made some of the dumbest mistakes ever (even after I was warned several times). 

I traveled (just a little).

I met Meb and he gave me a high-five in the middle of a training run.

So 28, please be a little nicer to me? I love my clients and my business, running, my best friends and the great life I've built for myself. But I could do without people who berate me, accuse me of things I never did and can't stand that I breathe. Because I finally remembered who I am and just because I am strong, a little bitchy and straightforward, doesn't mean I should be treated like shit. 

Clearly this blog post turned into a vent sesh but guess what? It's my personal blog AND my birthday, so I do what I want 😎

So cheers to more marathons (2018!), a growing business, fabulous friends, all of the adventures to come, and still not not being 30 😉


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