Monday, June 5, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Jenna's Must-Haves

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend after a short albeit long weekend last week.We are kicking off a new week with our intern Jenna sharing her PR intern must-haves- aka everything that helps her have successful days. 

Hey everyone! This week I’m here to share my intern survival kit. Being an intern isn’t always easy, and I know I wouldn’t be able to get the job done without these essentials. 

My laptop

I would be completely lost without my laptop. I’m constantly on my Macbook working on spreadsheets and keeping up with our clients on social media. It’s really important for me to be able to check my email so I can keep up to date what’s happening with our clients in the press. 

A planner

I actually use my laptop as a planner, but any planner is essential for an intern! Making a to-do list in my planner is the first thing Lynette has me do every morning. It helps me to make my schedule for the day and makes sure I don’t forget to do anything. I love crossing the different tasks off my planner, it helps me feel accomplished and motivates me to keep working! Keeping a planner is also super helpful because throughout the day anything can happen. You need to be on top of whats happening in the press with the clients! It’s important to keep adding and checking your to do list to make sure you don’t miss anything. 


When you’re working hard and getting lost in what you’re doing sometimes it’s hard to remember to stay hydrated. Keeping water by my side at all times reminds me to keep drinking throughout the day, no matter how busy it gets. Lynette puts a strong emphasis on balancing work and health. Keeping myself hydrated is one way I make sure I stay healthy and ready to keep working. 

Comfortable shoes 

I have a long commute to work which includes a train, a subway, and a decent amount of walking. I always make sure I wear comfortable shoes so I’m ready for the trek and don’t wear myself out. Don’t worry though, I make sure not to sacrifice fashion for comfort and find a happy balance in-between both of them!

Hair Ties

Nothing makes me feel more in work mode like pulling up my hair and getting to business! Something about putting my hair in a tight ponytail motivates me to work super hard and makes me feel like I can accomplish any task. I also have super long hair so getting the heat off my back doesn't hurt either. 


What are your essentials that get you through the work day?


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