Monday, July 24, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Jenna x 2

Happy Monday! I just got back from a long working weekend in Boston so I could celebrate my cousins wedding and go bridesmaid dress shopping with one of my bests! We're playing catch up on blog posts so today and tomorrow will be double the posts. Here's Jenna talking working from home and hitting her 2 month mark.

1. Last week working at LNPR was different than usual. Lynette had to go to Chicago for the opening of XO Marshmallow’s Cafe and also had to attend Fancy Food in Manhattan. This meant I was working from home, a first for me as an intern. Since we don’t work in a traditional office environment, working at home wasn’t too different, but there were a few things I needed to do in order to successfully make it through my day. 

It was really important for me to find a quiet place to do my work so I could remain focused on the tasks at hand. My first day working from home it was a little difficult, as my house was being shown, and I ended having to travel to a few different cafes to try and find one with WiFi that wasn't too loud or busy. As someone who is easily distracted, working in a cafe was a little more difficult for me than working in an apartment or house, but it’s a skill I need to work on as PR practitioners are always on the go and don’t always have ideal places to work. 

Something else I needed to do in order to successfully make it through my day was to make sure I stayed in contact with Lynette. It was a little difficult and there were a few miscommunications, but by my second day working at home I think I got it figured out. Again, this is another really important skill I’m going to have to master in order to be successful in PR. It’s a lot easier to communicate when you’re in the same room as someone, but in the busy world of PR that isn’t always going to be the case. 

2. I can’t believe that two months has already passed in my internship! This summer has really been flying by. This month I’ve really learned to take my time with what I’m working on. I’ve learned to triple, even quadruple, check my work, as tiny mistakes are hard to catch. I’ve also learned to not be afraid to ask questions, it’s better to get clarification than to do something wrong. 

My favorite task this month has probably been working on one of our clients, XO Marshmallow. XO Marshmallow recently opened a marshmallow cafe in Roger’s Park, Chicago.  Working on XO Marshmallow has been really fun because they’ve gotten a ton of press and have even gone viral. It was so exciting coming into work to see my piled up with all the new press they got over the weekends. It was also really cool to scroll down my Facebook feed and see a video of them pop up. They had a opening party which was fun to help plan, as I really have started to enjoy event planning and are having a S’mores contest in August which I’ve really enjoyed working on so far. 

My least favorite task has go to be searching for new press in google. I can’t deny that scrolling through a bunch of webpages, a lot of it being spam, gives me a headache. In the remainder of my internship I still want to improve my attention to detail, as it’s not perfect yet and I still feel like I’ve been making quite a few mistakes. I know that it's crucial that all the information we send out to editors is perfect, so hopefully I’ll get there soon. 


Tomorrow you'll hear from Leahi and I'll be posting a recap soon about ALL of the things I've been up to the past few months. 


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