Tuesday, July 25, 2017

PR Intern Diaries: Leahi x 2

Good morning! It is FREEZING here in NYC today. NY, let's get your shit together before I head to the beach to work for 4 days. I'd like to maybe sit outside? I can't believe I am wearing my winter running leggings with a sweatshirt and sneakers right now. Clearly ranting because it's August and this is my FAVORITE season ever. 

Anyway, as promised, here are two blog posts from Leahi. She's talking working from home and her first month at Lynette Nicole PR! 


1. It has been a interesting and very busy couple of weeks here at LNPR. With the Fancy Food Show in full swing, we were all separated for the time being and had to work remotely. This was a challenge especially not working from home before. We started with a conference call at 9 AM to go over what needed to be done for that day. We reviewed the importance of staying on top of all our memos and being sure to fill them out with accuracy. We were online all day and in constant communication.

The best way to be effective while working from home is to set up like we usually would in the office. Find a desk, get out everything we need, refrain from checking sites like Facebook, and keep the email and instant messaging browser open. It is a lot harder to do this in a public place as distractions are multiplied and intensified. Thankfully, I had my dorm room to myself. I put on some music and sat at my desk and got to work. Its best to treat it like a normal work day and actually could be more effective because you can hone in and focus.

It was a great learning week here at LNPR and I look forward to the next week!

2. Hi again! This month has been quite an experience. It has been a learning curve for sure and I have really been tossed into the mix of things. I have learned that staying on my toes is vital to this job. It is all about getting things done but also with great quality. I have been able to hone my skills a bit and learn how to do things the right way and with efficiency.

My favorite tasks would have to be more on the creative side. I love researching item for grab bags and things for events. It lets me be more creative and use my imagination even more. One of my least favorite tasks would be trying to find emails online when they aren’t on the database we use. It gets really frustrating when editors and influences move around and emails can be lost.

In the next month I just hope to learn some more transferable skills for work after I leave. Learning a lot of the things I have, have helped me hone down some skills that are necessary for other jobs as well. Ultimately, I just want to learn as much as possible! After all, this is my last year in school and I just want to learn as much as possible before entering the real world.

That’s all for now!


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