Monday, June 18, 2018

PR Intern Diaries: Amanda

Hi All! By now you've met Lynette Nicole PR's summer intern Amanda! She was featured on our Instagram last week. She's going to be sharing her experiences here moving forward. This week she's talking about things she's learned and done! 

This week I learned a lot of the benefits of using Cision to make a media list. In Cision, you can really narrow down your topic and location. I was making a media list for an event for one of our clients, The Global Dog. I was able to find the best editors for the event because I was able to customize my search. I searched for editors from New York City who wrote about topics including pet/pet products and lifestyle. Using Cision, and finding the right editors to contact will make it much more likely they will respond, and attend an event!
This week Lynette and I moved Wellness Wednesday’s to Tuesday, and took a yoga class in Bryant Park. It was a super fun class, and easy to follow along. The instructor focused a lot on breathing, and recognizing the way we breath based on how we are feeling. She also gave recommendations of certain poses to do if we are feeling anxious, angry, or tired. The class was perfect for a beginner like myself. It definitely made we want to try more yoga and similar fitness classes this summer!

One cool thing I got to do this week was sit in on a meeting with the owner of Dog and Bone, where we are having an event for The Global Dog. The owner seemed really excited for the event, especially since she loves dogs just as much as The Global Dog founder, Laurie. It was so exciting seeing someone else love the ideas of one of our clients just as much as we do. I’m so excited to be working on this event, and to see it come to life!  
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