Monday, August 13, 2018

PR Intern Diaries: Amanda

Whoa are we behind with blog posts here! That just means we're super busy, in the best ways. Here's another one from our awesome summer intern!

Like I talked about in my other post Cision is such a helpful tool in PR! This week is was especially useful when I made a media list for a pitch I was sending out for one of our clients, The Global Dog. I was really able to narrow my search between all different types of online media, and send the pitch out to the right people who will want to write about this client! It also makes it much easier to find a person’s email instead of searching for it on their website or online. Another useful resource is the bi-weekly memos Lynette sends to all her clients. This is the most organized way to see where your clients have had placements in the past, and ones that are in the works. It also makes it easy to see which clients you need to pitch more. Lastly, Google Drawings is super useful when doing clippings. It’s really easy to drag the screenshots onto the page and make it look clean and easy to read for your client. All these resources are extremely useful, and I will continue to use them throughout the summer!

I will definitely take these tools with me into the future. Next year I may not have access to Cision; however making memos and clippings will be helpful! At school I am part of the campuses student-run IMC firm. Each team gets a client, and I am hoping to be an account executive for my team. I will definitely make my own version of a memo for my client to keep them updated! I will also know how to do a clipping for them when they are placed in the local media.

Something that I think would make me more successful would be learning more, and being able to recognize editors and publications off the top of my head. Of course, this will come with time. It will make going through media list a lot faster because I will not have to look up every site and see what topics they write about, and if pitching my client to them is a good idea. I’m definitely going to take Lynette’s advice to follow editors and outlets on social media to get a better understanding of who they are, and what they like!


More to come!


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