Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rock 'N Roll Las Vegas 2018

"And begins. Actually began. As usual this post is late.

Mid-July I started "training" for my second marathon, Rock 'N Roll Las Vegas."

I started this post, the above quote, in August, when I was healthy albeit sweating to death every time I walked outside to run. For those who don't follow me on Instagram (@Lynette_Nicole for personal, @LynetteNicolePR for professional), I developed a stress fracture in my foot, and an ankle sprain, towards the end of August. It was painful, it was heartbreaking but it happened. 

After realizing just how much pain I was in I had to doctor shop to find someone who had MY best interest in mind, not their bank accounts. I haven't been to specialist of this sort in quite some time so I was in shock at our healthcare system. But that's not what this post is about. 

After days of seeing new doctors I stumbled upon Gotham Footcare. They have a huge roster of athletes (the x-ray tech mentioned they make their runners come back with their medals for pictures after races!) and my doctor is an athlete herself. 

Although the stress fracture didn't show up on the x-ray, she believed 100% that was the diagnosis and treated it as such. Which meant she said nothing where I am on my feet or putting pressure on that specific foot, and gave me this sexy footwear. Poor boyfriend :(

I hobbled around like that for 2 weeks, even doing the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. There was a meltdown involved naturally. Unsure why everyone felt the need to comment! Yes, I'm doing this, yes, my doctor actually gave me permission. 

The day the doctor said no more running, spinning, etc, I got a monthly pass to Pilates on Fifth. I've gained 45 pounds the past year (which she said may have played a role) and was determined to keep some strength and fitness so when I add cardio back in, I'm not a little weakling. 

While I definitely feel strong, my weight hasn't budged and quite frankly I'm sooo sick of taking classes. I can't wait to teach some pop-ups this fall! 

2 weeks after I got the boot my hips felt a little uneven and I had a pain on my left thigh. I ended up taking it off and tried to wear sneakers and limit walking activities. 

Last Monday at a follow up appointment I was cleared to put slight pressure on my foot this week (1 shoulder bridge a day) and have another appointment this coming Monday where I am hoping to get the clearance to run. 

I've been given the green light on preparing for the half marathon vs the full, just to be ready for a hit to my ego regarding my performance. I'm hoping the Pilates I've been doing has been helping and I can dive into this training and enjoy Las Vegas. I was super excited for this flat marathon but plans pivot and to be quite honest, I haven't been in running shape in 3 years, since my last set of injuries. 

So here's to healthy legs, and getting back into that 8:45min/mile shape!