Monday, October 8, 2018

Those First Post-Injury Miles

As soon as the doctor cleared me last Monday to run, spin, hike, etc, I could not wait until Friday. It wasn't for the weekend, it was because it was going to be my first day to run! 

I was nervous the entire week. I had Pilates classes scheduled at Pilates on Fifth for Mon-Thurs so I made sure to really pay attention to what my body was saying. It was the first week I did all of my shoulder bridges and put any type of pressure on my foot. HELLO GLUTES! One of the things I was really being mindful of while at Pilates was putting pressure on my entire foot and keeping it flat. No going over to sides. 

Friday was a work from home day and it was beautiful out. As soon as I got home in the morning, I giddily put my running gear on- the laundry would have to wait. I answered a few early emails then prepped myself for this run. 

Since I dropped my marathon and will only be doing the half  (ps. I'm insanely bitter and sad about this), I knew I had flexibility with mileage. The doctor said to try one or two miles to start out with. I didn't map my route and I didn't wear a watch. This was a fun run and damn was it fun. I looked like a freak smiling the whole time but it felt amazing to be back out on the road.

I ran up a few small hills but otherwise steered clear of any major inclines. 

Once I got back to my avenue I felt like familiar oww in my foot and just stopped because why push it? I was also only 2 streets away from home so I felt accomplished. According to Apple health, I ran about 2.5 miles! I was excited to see that number, since I thought I was only going to hit about 1.5. 

I went home and stretched and rolled my foot out on my worm (actual review to come soon!). 

On Saturday, we went upstate and did some walking. We misread the weather and the hiking trail we like is a lot of rocks and steeps so we didn't want to chance it being it was so wet out. We found a Harvest Festival in Peekskill instead and walked to the brewery we enjoy. Overall my foot felt fine the entire day.

Sunday morning I woke up early to return the rental car. They gave me a Tahoe and it was gigantic so I didn't want to return it the night before in the dark and with a million cars around. I ran to the car, then back from the rental place. Again, feeling amazing! 

Today is going to be the bigger test- 3 miles in Central Park with hills and people whizzing by me. The goal is to enjoy the run, keep the slow pace and stop if things start hurting. I have a long ways to go before I can prepare to PR again but for now, I'm happy to be back, working on getting in shape, stronger and losing this injury weight. 


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