Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gift Guide + Something Delicious

Happy Holidays! I know you've noticed I never poster a Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half and 5K recap and it's because there isn't anything worth writing about. The 5K was a lovely evening but I can't say the same for the next day. Overall, I'm regularly taking classes at Mile High Run Club and Swerve, and doing Pilates, to get ready for 2019. I'm really hoping this is the year!

Ps. I started writing this a week ago and am so excited that I got into the Chicago Marathon for 2019 this morning! 

I wanted to share a few things that I think the fitness enthusiast in your life will love for the holidays this year! 

GO Girl Designs
Since I've started going back to fitness classes, I've had to remember to bring hair ties with me. GO Girl Designs makes bracelets that double as convenient hair tie holders so you always know where one is. Wearing a hair band around your wrist can be painful and it's been said that can even lead to infections. 

I toss my GO Girl in my purse so I always know when I grab it, there's a hair tie on it. Since it's the size of a bracelet, it's easy to find. GO Girl is avaialble in a variety of chic colors and designs. 

Through December 24, 2018,  if you use the code “GIFTS” at checkout, you'll receive 50% off of your purchase! Prices start at $20.


The Original Worm
The Worm played a big role in my recovery from my stress fracture and sprain. Developed by athlete Karen Atkins, The Original Worm is a portable body and muscle massage roller with a unique “worm-like” design that can easily mold to any individual’s body contours to provide support and comfort. It combines the benefits of therapy balls and a foam roller to relieve stiffness, pain, and stress in muscles and joints. 

I spent so much time rolling my foot out with this! I highly recommend investing in one, especially for travel. It can also be used on your neck, back, legs, etc. 

Prices start at $24.00


YQ Yoplait
The last thing, while probably not a gift, is YQ Yoplait. I was pitched this while I was training for Las Vegas and who doesn't need fuel, especially yogurt? Because I'm mindful of sugar, I requested the plain version, no added flavor or sugars. Usually, that can be hit or miss but this was a hit! 

Aside from the cute packaging, the plain variety featured 17g of protein and 1g of sugar. It's just milk and cultures as the website says. 

If you've got the NYC Half or Boston on deck, I'd add this into your nutrition rotation! 


For the first time I am trying CBD products so stay tuned for my thoughts on that!