Thursday, December 19, 2019

Life Things

I've had a Chicago Marathon recap sitting in my draft box for months, unsure about pushing publish on it. Sharing that recap meant sharing about training, it meant sharing that after just two weeks of training, the love of my life left me for someone he had started seeing prior to that night, sharing how I hit none of my target paces for those remaining 16 weeks, the emotional sadness, tears and pain on top of the physical demands of marathon training, and just what it took to get on that plane. Surprise! For those who don't know. 

[Hello PR City!!]

Those emotions haven't changed. 

Today I still considered not sharing any of this on the internet. I mean, for everyone to see, judge and snicker about? My friends already do that (I love them, I know they're trying to do anything and everything in their power to make me feel better). But then I saw other people sharing, namely Kayla, and thought I'd try it to see if it helps. Who knows if it will - but I'll try anything at this point. 

2019 started on the highest note, and on June 25, it was a complete 180, giving me the lowest low I've ever felt. I've learned what gaslighting means, became an expert in personality clusters, discovered that people can completely erase parts of their lives and not care, they can completely ignore you, refuse closure, make you feel like nothing, and you can still love the shit out of them. And before you ask, no I've never had to deal with most of those things before. 

I am so lucky to have certain friends and teammates who haven't left my side. Who are literally many sizes smaller than me and have had to physically help keep me upright. Who have listened to me day in and day out try and decipher what happened and why (spoiler alert: there has yet to be a clear, concise answer). Have you ever been on an 18-mile run in 85 degree heat with a girl who can't stop crying and keeps slowing your target pace down? Even just speaking from the view of the crying girl, it's not fun for anyone involved.​

I've learned that everyone deals with things like this different ways, especially depending on how they really felt about the other person. It's ok to be really sad, and I might be for a really long time. It's OK that other people won't understand and choose to stand back. I tried to keep myself so busy - so busy trying to get through the motions of the day, to try and forget this ever happened. However, according to professionals and friends, you're not 100% supposed to do that.

I've definitely started socializing more. But don't ask me how I'm doing, how I'm feeling, if I'm dating (I went on one date, it made all of this worse), or anything you don't want the real honest answer to. Because turns out, everyone can read through "I'm Fine." I have smart friends, unfortunately. 

If I had it my way, none of this would have happened and I'd still be the happy, positive go-lucky girl I was. But alas, I got no say in the matter. So, for today, we'll settle for sad, joy-less, miserable, but still doing all of the things girl (I won't say no to going out to dinner and running, 2020 half marathon PR here I come!). 

I'm excited for the new clients I'm getting to work on for 2020, an upcoming collab with Athleta, continuing my networking series, teaching in the park again, and also excited to take a little break from work prior to January. Turns out being creative when you barely want to do much of anything, doesn't work that well. But the small thing that does get me out of bed is that, when you love someone you really want them to be happy, and though it's still hard, I can (sometimes) live knowing that. 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Jonathan's Farewell

The time has come for Lynette Nicole PR to say goodbye to its summer intern for this year! Here is Jonathan's last blog post.


As my time as an intern ends, I have spent some time reflecting on this summer. I have been challenged, enlightened, and I have learned many lessons. Some days were harder than others, but in the end, those days helped me grow the most. I am extraordinarily grateful for this opportunity I have been given.

This summer, I wanted to learn exactly what I want to do with my degree in PR. What I ended up learning, however, is that there are so many paths I can take. It will take longer than just a summer for me to find my fit, but I’m okay with that. I have learned that I have skills that need some practice and that learning doesn’t happen overnight. This is just one large process that will lead me somewhere exciting and somewhere where I can thrive.

This internship came with its highs and its lows- just as anything does. My favorite part of the internship might sound cliché, but it was that I got to see how things I learn in a classroom are applied to real world scenarios. I also got to learn about things I had never heard of in the classroom. For example, I got to learn about pitches and how important research is to those pitches. This is something that hasn’t been heavily hit on in school just quite yet. I also enjoyed the health perks, like doing yoga and Pilates for the first time!

My least favorite parts of the internship dealt mostly with being away from home for the first time. Coming here from rural West TN proved to be more of a challenge than I had expected it to be. I dealt with homesickness, anxiety, and the whole aspect of everything being completely new. Some moments were lonely, but some moments were extraordinary.

As I prepare to leave, there are two pieces of advice I would give to future interns. The first is to take it one day at a time. Focus on what you need to accomplish and want to accomplish for that day. Remember that you are here to learn and grow. The second piece of advice I would give is to stop and smell the roses. You may feel overwhelmed or anxious at times, but don’t forget to realize how far you have come and to be in the moment. Take a minute to breathe and enjoy your time, because it will be gone in a flash.

This summer has helped me grow as a person and a future PR practitioner (or whatever path I choose to take). I am forever thankful for this experience and I can’t wait to share with others what I learned.



Friday, July 12, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Jonathan

Yes, I owe a training update. Spoiler: it's been just OK. I'm at about 3 miles behind my total mileage but after Saturday's long run of 13 miles, I should be back on track! I'm excited to see what this training will look like in the fall and I'm really hoping I can get to the pace I want and be able to hold it. Big goals! 

In the meantime, Lynette Nicole PR's intern, Jonathan, is going to talk to you abut his first experience working from home.


As an intern, I find myself having to work from home on occasion. It is on these days that the way I approach work changes a lot. I find it essential to follow my own set of rules to be able to work efficiently from home.

The first thing I do is wake up at the same time I would if it were a day that I was commuting to the office. This starts my day off in the correct frame of mind for doing work. Following the same routine gets my brain going and helps with starting the day off right.

When I actually start my work, I make sure I am sitting at my desk- not on a couch or on my bed, but at my desk. This helps me to stay focused and to not get “too comfortable.” I am also able to spread out my supplies, such as my laptop, notebook, and calendar. Everything is easily accessible which makes working easier.

It’s easier for me to forget to stand up and step away from my desk when I am at home vs at the office. I have to constantly remind myself every hour to stand up and move around. Just because I am in the comfort of home doesn’t mean I need to neglect movement. Moving around also helps to refresh my mind and re-focus on what I am doing.

The one thing that helps me the most while working at home is to get rid of all distractions. This even includes things like the trash that needs to be taken out or dishes that have to be washed. I make sure these chores are completed before my workday begins so that I can put total focus into what I am doing. It’s easier to work in an organized and clean environment. It puts my mind at ease!

These four rules help me to work efficiently and productively when I find myself working from home. If I didn’t follow them, it would be much harder to focus and learn, which is the whole point of an internship.


Friday, June 28, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Jonathan

Another training week almost done, another recap missed. I promise I will work on a 3-week recap this Sunday.

Until then, I leave you with the latest from Lynette Nicole PR intern Jonathan. 


They say time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe it has already been a month. I have learned so much and I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned throughout the rest of my time in school. I’m also figuring out what I like and don’t like about PR and my internship.

I’ve obviously learned a lot, but three things have stuck out to me the most. The first is that detail is everything. I have learned that whatever I do needs to be triple checked and then checked again. Everything has to be clean and professional. This is why I am learning to check my work until I am confident I have it perfect, and then, of course, check it again.

Second, I have learned that being creative is a huge part of PR. Whether it’s creating a pitch or looking at a press clipping from an aesthetic point of view, creativity is integrated with almost everything I do. This is where the fun comes in. Being able to think of new ideas or ways of doing things exercises my creativity!

The third thing I have learned is that no two days look exactly alike. Every day is different and brings with it its own challenges and chances to learn something new. Working in an environment where things are constantly changing definitely keeps me on my toes.

Through all of this learning, I have had to complete several tasks. Some I like, and some I don’t like. My favorite task would have to be doing press clippings. I like this because I love seeing how our clients are used in stories, seeing what is said about them, and even seeing what our clients have to say about various topics. I also get to be creative when I piece together the clipping. My least favorite task would probably be simply making lists. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it can become tedious.

I’ve learned so much already, but I hope to learn more about how to become an effective writer throughout the rest of the summer. Since it is the core of everything we do in PR, I need to be confident in my writing skills. Here’s to the next month of learning!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, June 21, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Survival Kit

Happy Friday! I realized today I missed my training post from week one so on Monday there will be a double. So far so good! I'm getting excited to add some more mileage and add some more speed intervals. I've started going to hill workouts again on Monday mornings so fingers crossed! 

Lynette Nicole PR intern Jonathan Kirkland is back with his intern survival guide! 


As a PR intern, I have already learned what “tools” are most important in helping me succeed this summer. As I come to the end of week 3, I have compiled a “survival kit” made up of 5 things I can’t live without as an intern.

1) Laptop. My laptop is my life right now. Everything for work, school, and my personal life are on this laptop (the personal docs back up, of course). Even though the internet and computers have been around as long as I have been alive, my internship has caused me to be more amazed at what technology can do. My laptop is definitely the most important tool I have that helps me survive as an intern.

2) Planner/Notebook. Being organized is a part of who I am. I schedule everything, even when I am going to do laundry. I like taking notes and making lists. Being able to physically cross something off a list gives me a sense of accomplishment, and taking notes helps me to remember all of the cool things I am learning about PR. Without my planner and notebook, I’d be completely lost- at my internship and in my personal life.

3) AP Style-book. The AP Style-book is something every public relations student and practitioner should have on them. This book is a lifesaver at times, especially when it comes to writing (and as we all know, writing is the core of public relations). It’s helpful not only at my internship but in my everyday student life at school.

4) MTA Subway Card. It’s no surprise that living in Manhattan is just a bit more difficult than living in rural west Tennessee (this is something I am still trying to get used to). My MTA subway card has taken a lot of the burden of traveling around the city away, especially when it comes to getting to work. I live downtown, but my internship is in midtown. It may seem like a no-brainer to have one, but without it, I would literally not be able to get to my internship (in a timely manner, that is).

5) Water Bottle. Wherever I go, my water bottle goes. About a year and a half ago, I became crazy about water. I can even taste the difference between different kinds of water. I have to have water with me wherever I am, and I especially need it when I am working. Not only do I just love water, but it’s good to keep your brain and body hydrated while at work!

These five tools may seem obvious or out of the ordinary, but they are what helps me to survive this season of my life as an intern. There’s no doubt about it. My “survival kit” is necessary for my success



Friday, June 14, 2019

PR Intern Diaries Week 2: Jonathan

Happy Friday! Jonathan is back with his update for his second week interning at Lynette Nicole PR! Here's what he had to say:

Week number two has come and gone in a flash. Now that I am a bit more "at home" here in NYC, time is starting to move less like the turtle and more like the hare. I still am in awe of this experience and I am thankful for every opportunity I have been given. I love my internship and there is something new to learn every day. I already feel like I am growing more as a PR student and I can't wait to see where my growth takes me by the end of the summer. 

No two days look alike in Public Relations. I heard that all the time from my professors, advisors, and other professionals. This week I have learned to not expect each day to be "copy and paste." I have learned that my day may be spent doing heavy research, making media lists, or learning new things about the industry. I know this is going to continue to be true as I progress in my career field. I'm finding that I like not knowing exactly how my day will look. There is an element of surprise in PR. 

In keeping true to trying to remain healthy while living in NYC, I tried yoga for the first time this week! I learned that yoga is more physical than I thought it would be. I enjoy exercises that work my legs and arms, and basic yoga poses worked those areas for me. The emphasis on breathing also helped to relax me and gave me the opportunity to release anxiety, stress, and tension that had been building up since I moved here and had my world turned upside down. I can't wait to try yoga again! 

Included in this week were a few cool adventures. During my internship this week, I got to complete a "scavenger hunt" at Barnes & Noble where I sifted through countless magazine publications, learning about the different topics covered and which ones are important. Outside my internship, however, I attended my first Broadway show of the summer, Waitress! I love the theatre, and this was a great way for me to relax and have fun. I love using theatre as an outlet to break away from the real world, kind of like yoga! 

Even though week two went by quick, I learned a lot and made great memories. Here's to the remaining 9 weeks! 

Stay tuned for a Chicago training update from me next week! 


Friday, June 7, 2019

It's Almost Here!

Time is flying! After months of base building, strength training, monthly PT visits and changing my eating habits, training for the Chicago Marathon starts Monday! 

I'm feeling really good and content about the base I've been trying to build. The runs haven't always been pretty, but they got done. 

I started out with at least 2 days a week spinning, 1 running, and 2 strength, but didn't beat myself up if I missed something. I moved my track workouts to the West Side Highway because the track near my office isn't regulation and it was a mental problem to go around almost 2 times just for a 400 repeat.

I program my speed workouts into my watch so I can just go and it will tell me when to stop. It's worked out well and I've seen better times! The PT is really focusing on the left hamstring that I bothered while doing a spin challenge back in Jan/Feb. A cautionary tale of too much too soon after doing almost nothing. 

To supplement the cardio, I did a lot of Flybarre and Pilates. I participated in the FlyRX pilot program as much as I could and can definitely see more definition and strength. For my 30th birthday, my girlfriends and I got a private yoga session at a SoHo spa and enjoyed the lounge and steam room. It was a great active recovery day! 

This past week I got to see my hard work pay off. On Monday, I ran all my miles sub-10, and even one sub-9. I'm still way off from my old pace but I'm getting there! On Wednesday morning, for Global Running Day, I ran NYRR's 1 For You 1 For Youth 5K. First, my entry fee gave a child in need a pair of shoes. Second, Global Running Day celebrated WHY we run (I’ve always boasted about how running is great for my mental health, how it helped me lose weight and introduced me to some great people, but I started running after the doctor cleared me to take the boot off my foot after I got hit by a car riding my bike.), and third, I held some solid paces. It wasn't a pretty race for me but it's one that put me in a great starting position for training. 

I hope to keep this blog updated throughout this training cycle to keep me accountable. I'm getting exciting! 


PR Intern Diaries: Meet Jonathan

Happy Friday! Before we jet out of the office for a summer Friday workout class, I wanted to introduce you to Lynette Nicole PR's summer intern, Jonathan! He came all the way from Tennessee to work with us so we look forward to showing him the PR ropes and sharing our NYC insights. 

Here's what Jonathan has to say:

Hello all! My name is Jonathan Kirkland, and currently, I am a Tennessee native having the experience of a lifetime as a PR intern with Lynette Nicole PR in New York City! I attend school at the University of Tennessee at Martin, which is located in the (very) small town of Martin, Tennessee. As you can imagine, moving from a rural town with only 15,000 people to New York City comes with quite the culture shock! However, I absolutely love NYC, so this summer should be fantastic! 

Over the remaining ten weeks, I will get to immerse myself into the world of PR and learn about the career path I have chosen. I am actually already learning quite a bit! One thing I have learned in my first week is the power of research. I came into this internship knowing that research is important, but now I have learned about WHY research is important. It seems to be the foundation of public relations. Knowing the answers and being able to provide the "why" is why research is so important. Researching contacts and being up to date on who is talking about your client is fundamental to offering the best possible publicity. I am excited to build upon this foundation. 

I have also been learning about health, especially when it comes to taking care of myself in a new environment. I have learned a lot about how to deal with homesickness, and I even tried my first green juice (well, it was a raspberry-lemonade juice, but I'll get there)! I am learning that making sure I eat well is important, especially in a city where pizza, street food, and fast food is absolutely everywhere. I want to feel good while I complete my internship, so I understand that eating well and dealing with homesickness in a healthy way is important to my success. 

Overall, I hope to end the summer having learned what I want to do in public relations. I want to know what works/doesn't work in the industry, and I hope to gain a level of confidence in what I do. 

I can't wait to see what this summer will teach me! 


Stay tuned for more intern diaries from Jonathan + a Chicago Marathon training update from me! 


Friday, January 18, 2019

January 2019 Favorite Things

We are a few weeks into the New Year and I'm excited for all of the things to come. New Orleans was fabulous- better than I could have ever imagined. I could not have asked for a better New Year's/anniversary/holiday/getaway trip! 

But it's back to the real world. And blogging. I'm switching things up. As I've gotten older, I've been less into oversharing and providing the world with every detail of my life. So Life's Better In Yoga Pants is going to focus more on my fitness again, food, and apparently skincare (my new obsession). 

[YIKES! This is what happens when you eat and drink and don't work out for 2 weeks]

This year's biggest fitness goal is Chicago and crushing it. I've been out of the running game-physically and mentally for quite some time and I just know 2019 is my year for many things, including this race. To prepare, I've got to lose a lot of weight and get my fitness back on track. How am I doing that? The Flywheel 15 classes in 30 day challenge of course! I'm ready to whip this booty back in shape. 

Once the challenge is over, I plan on getting 4 or 5 pack classes at Flywheel and Mile High Run Club and supplementing with outside running, the Peloton app and classes at my co-working space, Live Primary. I'm confident I can be ready for training to start in May! 

[Easy lunch from SkinnyTaste: Hard boiled eggs, chick peas, red onion and parsley tossed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar]

It's no secret the food aids in weight loss and this year, burritos officially took over my life. A minor hiccup but I'm back to eating normal, lots of greens, veggies, healthy fats, whole grains, etc. Homemade burritos are now on the menu, often of course, so are overnight oats, fruits, healthy muffins, etc. It's been just a week and I've felt pretty damn good! 

[Photo Credit: Sunday Riley]

Lastly, I've been obsessed with my skincare routine lately. Ahava, Sunday Riley and Peter Thomas Roth have somehow become my go-to's. I don't wear a lot of makeup, so attempting to reduce aging, stay hydrated and acne-free has become my [very expensive] thing. 

The routine? 

[Photo Credit: Ahava]

Morning: Wash face with Peter Thomas Roth, body with Ahava, and moisturize body with Ahava (or the new lotion that popped up in the shower). For the face specifically it's ROC Eye Cream, currently Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench serum, then either Peter Thomas Roth regular moisturizer or Water Drench, or Ahava face moisturizer. 

[Photo Credit: Peter Thomas Roth]

Nighttime: Second shower post-workout I usually use Clean&Clear Acne Face Wash or Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench, and the Ahava bar soap. Sometime I do the Ahava clay face mask or use the exfoliator. Afterwards, it's usually Sunday Riley Good Genes before bed. 

On deck is a recap of  a wellness event where I tried my first vitamin IV!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Meet Ramsha

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is ready for a great 2019. I'm working on a new post however wanted to introduce you to Lynette Nicole PR's winter intern, Ramsha! 

Hello everyone! My name is Ramsha Khan and I am Lynette’s intern for the 2019 winter-spring semester. I am a senior at the University of Connecticut, majoring in communication with a focus in public relations and a minor in information technology. This is my second internship in the public relations industry but the first internship in the health and wellness sector.

One of the things that I learned about public relations this week is that it is important to ask questions. It seems like such a basic concept, but I had this realization this week after a rough day. It seemed like everything that I did was going wrong and it was pretty disheartening. I apologize to Lynette and she just gave me a smile and said, “It’s alright. It happens”. As I left to go home, I realized that this is an internship. I am an intern. I cannot be expected to know everything. Therefore, I need to ask questions. It would be a disservice to myself if I don’t, because these next few months are going to be a learning experience.

One of the things that I learned about health and wellness is how innovation the consumer aspect of it is. One of the assignments that I had to complete this week was researching the stories and editors that covered the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. There are so many technical innovations from new high tech new infusers to and app that can check your blood pressure.  

What I am most looking forward to learning during my time a Lynette Nicole PR, is just becoming media savvy. I had the opportunity to draft a pitch for an editor and it’s only my fourth day here! I am already on the right path. Hopefully, by the end of my time here I will have forged a media relationship or two that will help me further my career.