Friday, June 7, 2019

It's Almost Here!

Time is flying! After months of base building, strength training, monthly PT visits and changing my eating habits, training for the Chicago Marathon starts Monday! 

I'm feeling really good and content about the base I've been trying to build. The runs haven't always been pretty, but they got done. 

I started out with at least 2 days a week spinning, 1 running, and 2 strength, but didn't beat myself up if I missed something. I moved my track workouts to the West Side Highway because the track near my office isn't regulation and it was a mental problem to go around almost 2 times just for a 400 repeat.

I program my speed workouts into my watch so I can just go and it will tell me when to stop. It's worked out well and I've seen better times! The PT is really focusing on the left hamstring that I bothered while doing a spin challenge back in Jan/Feb. A cautionary tale of too much too soon after doing almost nothing. 

To supplement the cardio, I did a lot of Flybarre and Pilates. I participated in the FlyRX pilot program as much as I could and can definitely see more definition and strength. For my 30th birthday, my girlfriends and I got a private yoga session at a SoHo spa and enjoyed the lounge and steam room. It was a great active recovery day! 

This past week I got to see my hard work pay off. On Monday, I ran all my miles sub-10, and even one sub-9. I'm still way off from my old pace but I'm getting there! On Wednesday morning, for Global Running Day, I ran NYRR's 1 For You 1 For Youth 5K. First, my entry fee gave a child in need a pair of shoes. Second, Global Running Day celebrated WHY we run (I’ve always boasted about how running is great for my mental health, how it helped me lose weight and introduced me to some great people, but I started running after the doctor cleared me to take the boot off my foot after I got hit by a car riding my bike.), and third, I held some solid paces. It wasn't a pretty race for me but it's one that put me in a great starting position for training. 

I hope to keep this blog updated throughout this training cycle to keep me accountable. I'm getting exciting! 



  1. Good luck with your Chicago Marathon training! I look forward to following along!

    1. Thank you! I ended up with a 15 minute PR! Sorry I didn't post training - I had a terrible breakup happen at week 2.