Friday, July 12, 2019

PR Intern Diaries: Jonathan

Yes, I owe a training update. Spoiler: it's been just OK. I'm at about 3 miles behind my total mileage but after Saturday's long run of 13 miles, I should be back on track! I'm excited to see what this training will look like in the fall and I'm really hoping I can get to the pace I want and be able to hold it. Big goals! 

In the meantime, Lynette Nicole PR's intern, Jonathan, is going to talk to you abut his first experience working from home.


As an intern, I find myself having to work from home on occasion. It is on these days that the way I approach work changes a lot. I find it essential to follow my own set of rules to be able to work efficiently from home.

The first thing I do is wake up at the same time I would if it were a day that I was commuting to the office. This starts my day off in the correct frame of mind for doing work. Following the same routine gets my brain going and helps with starting the day off right.

When I actually start my work, I make sure I am sitting at my desk- not on a couch or on my bed, but at my desk. This helps me to stay focused and to not get “too comfortable.” I am also able to spread out my supplies, such as my laptop, notebook, and calendar. Everything is easily accessible which makes working easier.

It’s easier for me to forget to stand up and step away from my desk when I am at home vs at the office. I have to constantly remind myself every hour to stand up and move around. Just because I am in the comfort of home doesn’t mean I need to neglect movement. Moving around also helps to refresh my mind and re-focus on what I am doing.

The one thing that helps me the most while working at home is to get rid of all distractions. This even includes things like the trash that needs to be taken out or dishes that have to be washed. I make sure these chores are completed before my workday begins so that I can put total focus into what I am doing. It’s easier to work in an organized and clean environment. It puts my mind at ease!

These four rules help me to work efficiently and productively when I find myself working from home. If I didn’t follow them, it would be much harder to focus and learn, which is the whole point of an internship.


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