Sunday, April 5, 2020

I'm Not Stupid

Because I've had soo much time to watch lots of TV, I saw a segment where Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon had to guess whether a quote was from Legally Blonde or Scandal.

I don't watch scandal but one of the quotes they did was "I am many things...but stupid is not one of them."

100% that.

If you never had the person you thought you were spending your life with scream at you that you're stupid in a context in which it didn't even belong (not that it ever does), consider yourself lucky. Because it's not cool or appropriate ever, and I highly don't recommend being on the receiving end of that.

My saving grace is that I know I'm not stupid in any way shape or form. Except maybe for believing that the person saying they loved me, we'd go back to my favorite vacation in a few years, making future plans, etc, actually meant it.

After the past few weeks of writing COVID statements for clients and keeping every aspect of my life and my employees' lives afloat, I know for a fact I'm not stupid.

[Running makes me happy]

Being quarantined while also trying to recover from something traumatic isn't um...ideal. My therapist also agrees (and my friends, and everyone who's ever dealt with this). 

Knock on wood, I'm very lucky for this to be what I'm struggling with during this pandemic. I have seen some very amazing people get handed more horrific situations than dealing with narcissistic/borderline trauma, cheating aftermath, etc. Like truly terrible things at one of the worst times. 

I am so grateful for every virtual happy hour, game night, etc, with friends who are willing to help me through this and listen. And those I get to run with in-person! I can't wait to give each and every one of you the biggest hug ever (coming from someone who is rarely touchy-feely). 
I'm not stupid and I (and no one) didn't deserve what was handed to me, or what was kept from me. 

Also, ladies, if you stand up for yourself and someone calls you stupid, that is NOT OK. 



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