Thursday, June 25, 2020

Life's Better In Yoga Pants...The Book

Exactly 365 days later I've never felt further away from myself or devastated than I have in my entire life.

I've always loved the name of my blog and wanted to turn it into a book, I just wasn't exactly sure what it would be about. In 2012-ish I started it as a wellness and fitness blog, posting recipes, my training updates, favorite workouts, and even ways to de-stress. 

I  made a comment, just over a year ago, that I wanted to turn my blog into a book and someone rolled their eyes at the idea of the blog name and the content. Thanks for the ammo. 

Though I still have some work to do it on, I'm excited to say that Life's Better In Yoga Pants...the book is just over 1/3 done. 

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If I can help at least one girl avoid, get out of, or overcome NPD/BPD abuse, then my goal was accomplished. If I can help myself overcome what I endured, then I can retire. 

Here's a sneak peek:

Never did I, a strong, independent, take-no-shit, opinionated girl think I’d become the victim of narcissistic and borderline abuse.’s 2020 and anything goes. 

Life’s Better In Yoga Pants, derived from the blog of the same name, takes young adults (or older adults!) on a humorous journey through life as a 20 something girl trying to figure it all out. Beginning the summer after college graduation and taking you through internships, getting fired, doing drugs while training for a marathon, starting side hustles, writing a blog, meeting the person who’d destroy who she was, a suicide attempt, and quarantine.

Every chapter culminates with a take-away lesson, touching on, perhaps, how to not make the mistakes that I did.

Written as a two-fold, Life’s Better In Yoga Pants is a funny recollection of my 20s, paired with how an amazing human can become a shell of her old self in a matter of minutes. Nothing is funny about abuse, but if you experienced something like I did, chances are you didn’t even know you were being abused.

You might laugh, you might cry, you might feel rage - or all 3!

But don’t forget, Life’s Better In Yoga Pants. So pull ‘em on, grab your wine (you’ll need it), and settle into your reading nook. 


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