Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thank You For Your Cooperation

Though my drunken mishaps may get me in trouble sometimes, they solved a problem I've had since January. 'Big Brother' is no longer watching and I appreciate that, so thanks for your cooperation. I'm glad me drinking too much, not the fact that I've written 10 blog posts asking you to stop, got through. 

It's lifted a small weight off of my shoulders (yay).

This week, I got a minor distraction from my life and sadness from excitement on my balcony. It's been the most exhilarating thing that's happened this entire quarantine.

I have a baby bird! 

Being I'm terrified of birds, it's only natural the pigeon decided my home would also be a great place to raise its baby.

I've been waiting for this thing to hatch for over three weeks. Yes, it looks like a piece of raw chicken but she's so so cute! She even tries to stand up and flap her wings. And she can't yet so it's that much more adorable. 

They say they baby pigeons will stay in the nest for about a month before they leave so I am super excited to see it learn how to walk and fly. My mom said they usually don't lay eggs near humans and I'm one of the lucky ones to have gotten them on my balcony. Sure, lucky. Not terrifying at all. My dad insists the bird is a narcissist because apparently, I attract them. THANKS PARENTS.

Baby Bird's parents are often here sitting on her. Her mom is named Go Away, and don't respond to her name, but baby bird's dad occasionally comes and he's scared of me to peaces out when I ask him. 

So in conclusion, I have a baby bird that distracted me from writing a depressing post this week and 'big brother' stopped looking at me. What a week! 


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