Monday, January 4, 2021

Long Story Short - I Survived

I started 2020 basically dead. When you hit rock bottom and survive, there's really no place to go but up.

And that's just where I went.

I've recapped a lot of my year and how I've been feeling and been brutally honest about it, not hiding much of anything. That being said, and I wrote this in my Instagram post from the other day, most people use social and their blog as a highlight reel, I tend to use it as a lowlight reel. 

I think that your inner circle deserves to celebrate your wins and those who use a prominent-educational institution's Instagram account to look at Instagram stories do not. And 2020 - while it was yah know, 2020 - had some seriously awesome wins. And yep, when my mojo comes back, I can be a super petty bitch. 

I'm so very grateful for the ones who stayed by my side and never left, even when they were going through their own things. It takes some really amazing people to be able to do that. 

To ring in the New Year, I went to the Poconos and the weekend really set the tone for 2021- more adventures with great humans. I don't think I've let myself laugh like that or have that much fun in a long time. I can't wait for the adventures that this year holds. 

I deserved that. And I'm so glad I let myself have fun and not worry about my Instagram being looked at because what in the world are people looking for? Happy people in happy long-term relationships shouldn't worry about how well or not well I'm doing. All anyone really needs to know is that I'm a badass who can overcome anything.

So yea, the past year and a half has been a bad time, but long story short - I survived. And my future's looking real bright. 


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